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BTS: A Day in the Life of a Mozeek Brand Ambassador

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m a Brand Ambassador with Mozeek. In today’s blog, I wanted to tell you a little bit about what working for Mozeek is like…


Working as a promotional staff member at Mozeek, a prominent Perth promotions agency, is an exciting job filled with variety and excitement. The beauty of the job lies in the diversity of promotions you can participate in, and the incredible team led by our amazing Director, Charlotte.  


So, what does working for Mozeek, your go-to Perth Marketing Agency, involve?


One of the standout perks of being involved in the Mozeek team, is the everchanging nature of promotional assignments. Charlotte plays a crucial role in tailoring each shift to our individual skill sets and availability. She ensures our Perth Promo Girls and Perth Brand Ambassador team members are well-prepared for the task at hand, by providing thorough briefings on the job, defining roles and setting high standards that reflect both Mozeek and the brand we represent.


Once briefed, we are ready to get started! Each promotional event is unique. The first order of business is introducing ourselves to the manager or supervisor of the venue, establishing both a positive and professional connection. As a Mozeek Perth promo staff rep, it is paramount that we embody the values of both our agency and brand we’re promoting.


The range of promotions I have had the privilege to work on at Mozeek is quite diverse. From representing Revlon and TABtouch, to taking charge of social media takeovers, it’s clear that Mozeek is more than just a Perth Promotions Agency – it’s an opportunity to engage and interact with various industries and audiences. This diversity keeps the job fresh and exciting, offering a chance to explore different industries and engage with diverse audiences.


I have had the opportunity to showcase Revlon’s products by engaging thoroughly with customers, ultimately, enhancing their shopping experiences. Whereas, TABtouch required a different set of skills, where I conducted both basketball and spin-to-win activations at corporate events in Perth.


Throughout these diverse experiences, the common theme is the unwavering support and guidance from Charlotte and the Mozeek team. Their commitment to excellence and fostering a positive work environment is the backbone of our success as promotional staff and Brand Ambassadors in Perth.


In conclusion, a day in the life of a Mozeek promotional worker is a dynamic journey filled with variety, challenges, and the opportunity to represent some of the biggest brands in the industry. Under the leadership of Charlotte, each day brings new adventures, making it a thrilling and rewarding experience for anyone fortunate enough to be a part of this incredible team.

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