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Why outsource your promotional staff in Perth?

When it comes to additional sales and marketing efforts like trade shows, festivals, open days and flyer handouts, you’ll no doubt hear a collective groan from your internal team of staff.

While they may have a lot of brand knowledge, they’re not often customer-facing, and this type of work isn’t within their usual job description.

Recruiting your usual team to do this kind of work (especially if its outside of your standard office hours) means increasing the workload for your existing employees – putting a strain on them and harming their morale… and therefore your business, too. That’s why you NEED to outsource these “extracurriculars" to a professional Perth promotional staffing agency. But that’s not all. Here are 3 other great reasons to outsource your Perth promo staff:


Approaching passer-by’s isn’t as easy as it looks. Many don’t have the confidence to greet a stranger, let-alone sell them a product.

Our team of Perth Brand Ambassadors are well-trained when it comes to dealing with the public. They know how to gain attention, keep attention and, eventually, convert those from the right demographics into potential customers.

They know who to approach, how to approach and when to approach. It’s all in the timing – and about reading key visual clues.

What’s more, they are ALWAYS well-groomed, with a professional appearance that puts your brand/company in the best positive light.


Recruiting our quick-witted, energetic, talkative team of quick-learning promo extraordinaires will save your team valuable time.

You’ll save time in recruiting a team and rostering – just one click of a finger and we’ve got you covered (last-minute arrangements can be made, too!)

We can even arrange merchandise pick up and collection, leaving you to focus on what you do best – whether that’s further business development… or relaxing on the beach with a cocktail. ;)


Asking your existing sales/marketing team to organise and oversee your on-the-ground promotions is not a bad idea – but when it comes to the ground work, leave it to us!

Not only does our Perth promotions team have the experience in approaching and dealing with the general public, they also have a passion for it!

Working for and promoting one brand can becoming mundane – that’s why our staff love the vibrancy, variability and flexibility of working across different campaigns, for different brands. They use their transferable skills across any campaign they are assigned to, bringing the same sense of enthusiasm no matter where they work.


There’s one key word that comes to mind when managing a successful business: delegation. It can be hard to relinquish control, especially when you are a perfectionist (we get it - your business is your baby!)

But with fast turnaround times, live ongoing communication from our management team on event day and extensive post-campaign reporting, you can relax with ultimate peace-of-mind.


What are you waiting for? Give Charlotte a call on 0435 114 870 to book in the right team of Brand Ambassadors in Perth or promo girls for your next promotional event, booth, stall, festival or open day.

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