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Mozeek celebrates it's 10 year birthday!

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

A decade of Mozeek, Happy Birthday to us.!

In 10 fabulously crazy years of business there have been many lessons, lots of tears and plenty of celebrations. I would like to firstly shout out to all of my staff past and present. For the most part, the hundreds if not thousands of people I have been lucky enough to have met over the years, have been a real pleasure. To know that I have helped support them through their studying years, supplement an extra income, or just a side job for a bit of fun is something that puts a smile to my face. Some of them have been so awesome I stay in contact with them on a personal level. I really enjoy helping people and I love to also help my clients with whatever staffing or promotional marketing campaigns they need assistance with. I am so passionate about customer service, providing that experience for our clients that ensure they come back time and time again. To have had them enlist our service for 6-7 years and only have lost them as a client because they have closed down their business, or have been bought out by bigger companies is a true testament to how hard we work for them.

I have matured with my business, past mistakes have been lessons so I am also grateful for those experiences otherwise I would never have learned a thing.

To the clients that keep on coming back, THANK YOU. I want you to know that you help a small family business and an ambitious small business owner fulfil her dream of being a working mother with a perfect work-life balance.

For all of my friends and family for supporting me over this past decade I love you, you are the best! Here is to another 10 years of fun, business growth and more personal development. Hoorah! xo Mel

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